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I have a spring 3.1 application loading settings using PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer and I want to manage test and production environments simply loading settings from server context overriding settings specified in local file properties.

Next example works fine with Tomcat, how can I do the same in JBoss AS 7.1?

In spring context I have:

<bean class="org.springframework.context.support.PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer">
    <property name="ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders" value="true" />
    <property name="localOverride" value="false" />
    <property name="locations">
<bean id="dataSource" class="com.mchange.v2.c3p0.ComboPooledDataSource" destroy-method="close">
    <property name="driverClass" value="${jdbc.driverClassName}" />
    <property name="jdbcUrl" value="${jdbc.url}" />
    <property name="user" value="${jdbc.username}" />
    <property name="password" value="${jdbc.password}" />

In ApplicationTest.properties (that overrides Application.properties):


In context.xml (in Tomcat/conf directory):

    <Parameter name="jdbc.driverClassName" value="oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver" override="false"/>
    <Parameter name="jdbc.url" value="jdbc:oracle:thin:@XXXX:1521:ProductionSID" override="false"/>
    <Parameter name="jdbc.username" value="myProductionUsername" override="false"/>
    <Parameter name="jdbc.password" value="myProductionPassword" override="false"/>

In this way all parameters specified in context.xml overrides parameters in ApplicationTest.properties.

Is there a way to specify context parameter in JBoss? (i.e. in standalone.xml file)


As suggested in the answers, if I put entries in WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml inside webapp that works:


But my goal was to put the config file out of webapp. I solved in this way, I load the config file from $SERVER/conf directory:

<bean class="org.springframework.context.support.PropertySourcesPlaceholderConfigurer">
    <property name="ignoreUnresolvablePlaceholders" value="false" />
    <property name="localOverride" value="false" />
    <property name="ignoreResourceNotFound" value="true" />
    <property name="locations">
            <value>file:${catalina.home}\conf\ApplicationPRODUCTION.properties</value><!-- FOR TOMCAT -->
            <value>file:${jboss.server.base.dir}\configuration\ApplicationPRODUCTION.properties</value><!-- FOR JBOSS-->

If someone knows how to put Parameters in JBOSS config out of webapp (as TOMCAT) is well appreciated!

Thanks All!

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According to the JBoss7 documentation:

In AS7 the file context.xml is ignored. Most of the old context.xml configuration has been moved to jboss-web.xml.

See here for more details.

In older versions you could add these properties to context.xml as usual - JBoss use Tomcat as a servlet container.

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OK it works, but I have to put jboss-web.xml in WEB-INF/ directory of my application. Is there a way to put this file out of my application, i.e. in JBOSS\standalone\configuration –  fl4l Mar 19 '13 at 17:53

Use a jboss-web.xml file. This file specifically replaces context.xml from Tomcat.

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