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I am using SqlPackage.exe for my deployment. I have read the documentation here for the usage of SqlPackage.exe.

The documentation only states the synax for one variable:

Specifies a name value pair for an action specific variable; {VariableName}={Value}. The DACPAC file contains the list of valid SQLCMD variables. An error will result if a value is not provided for every variable.

My problem is that the documentation does not say how to pass multiple arguments into the Variables parameter. For example, I want to do this:

sqlpackage.exe ...args go here...  /Variables:VarToOverride=Value1,Var2ToOverride=Value2

Does anyone know the syntax for this?

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I have managed to find something that works.

sqlpackage.exe ...args go here... /Variables:VarToOverride=Value1 /Variables:Var2ToOverride=Value2

It's not exactly what I was looking for, but it works.

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Did you try separating using semi-colons rather than commas. i.e.:

sqlpackage.exe ...args go here...  /Variables:VarToOverride=Value1;Var2ToOverride=Value2

Your other option is to use Publish Profile files.

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