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Are there any commands in vimscript or any extensions that I could use?

I already use syntax highlighting but I was hoping for error highlighting or warnings if thats possible.

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Entering "python vim IDE" into Google renders this great blog post as the top result. Everything you could possibly want, I'd say... – Michael Wild Mar 19 '13 at 15:02
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There are many things you can do to improve it.

For static error highlighting/warnings I use PyFlakes:

And if you want some more intelligence I would recommend using Ropevim:

The things that Rope will give you:

  • Rename
  • Extract method/local variable
  • Move class/function/module/package/method
  • Inline method/local variable/parameter
  • Restructuring
  • Change signature

Other refactoring-related features:

  • Previewing refactorings
  • Undo/redo refactorings
  • Showing refactoring progress


  • Code-completion
  • Goto definition
  • Show pydoc
  • Find occurrences
  • Organize imports (remove unused and duplicate imports and sort them)
  • Generating python elements
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