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Am trying to parse this string using JSON.parse.


str = "{'xyz': ['300543979001'], 'abc': ['1193'], 'serial_no': ['1'], 'product_tax_amt': ['408.813'], 'product_mrp': ['4699.0'], 'product_qty': ['1.0'], 'contract_type': ['FG'], 'product_tax_rate': ['14.5'], 'is_vat_exclusive': ['True'], 'product_net_amt': ['3228.213'], 'sap_details': [''], 'reference_invoice_no': [''], 'pd': [\"1||9911143976001||18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5||11143976||PUMA-18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5-5||4699.0||291||629||1||2||41\"], 'topup_offers': ['{}'], 'product_discount_percentage': ['40.0'], 'total_discount_percentage': ['40.0'], 'basic_tax_rate': ['0.0'], 'total_discount_amt': ['1879.6'], 'product_return_qty': ['0.0'], 'product_gross_amt': ['0.0'], 'invoice_no': ['11065011391'], 'product_discount_amt': ['1879.6'], 'is_voided': ['False'], 'supplier_no': ['198'], 'addl_tax_rate': ['0.0'], 'product_cost_amt': ['1.0'], 'code': ['4046643889059']}"

Note:: This is in single quoted & few values might contains quotes also, like [\"1||9911143976001||18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5||11143976||PUMA-18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5-5||4699.0||291||629||1||2||41\"]

>> JSON.parse(str)

But its throwing error: Unexpected token '


I tried few here and there things to replace these single quotes with double quotes,

>> str = str.replace(/'/g, '"')
>> JSON.parse(str)

But then it raises error,

SyntaxError: Unexpected token S

Is there any way using regex or something, so i could parse that string?

Warm Regards.

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You need double quotes (") instead of single ones ('). Which of course means you will have to escape them in the string, like \". –  Aioros Mar 19 '13 at 15:02
that data responded by server, now how to resolve this, so we could parse that? –  Niks Mar 19 '13 at 18:46
I just added an answer, see if it works for you. But I still hope somebody has a better one. –  Aioros Mar 20 '13 at 11:26

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Ok, here's the point: if that's data from the server, that's a terrible data format. It's not valid JSON and it has poor string escaping. In your case, you would want to change single quotes with doubles, as many already suggested, but you have horrible fields like this:

[\"1||9911143976001||18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5||11143976||PUMA-18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5-5||4699.0||291||629||1||2||41\"]

Now, the ideal solution would be to fix the 's with some kind of regular expression, but:

1) I couldn't for the life of me figure out a working one;

2) I'm starting to think it's not actually possible to catch every possibility.

I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong about this. Anyway, if this is actually the case, I think the easiest way is the most discouraged one: the dreadful eval(). That thing may not be valid JSON, but it is (surprisingly) a correct JS object definition.

eval("var data = " + str);

If you need a JSON string, you could use stringify():

var json = JSON.stringify(data);

Here is a working fiddle.

I have to say this in advance: suggesting eval() is a terrible move on this website, and rightly so. But before downvoting please consider that we have a pathological data format from the server, and no easy way to fix it before processing. And I will say it again: if somebody can come up with a working regular expression for replacing an arbitrary number of single quotes within double quotes that will certainly be a far better way to go.


If you are sure that the only problematic field is the pd one, you could use that information to simply replace all single quotes in that particular field. That would be much safer.

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One of your fields has single quotes in it:

9911143976001||18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S, PINK, 5||11143976**strong text**

Try removing them, or escaping them.

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Could you please help me to remove these thru regex? –  Niks Mar 19 '13 at 18:44

JSON strings are delimited with double quote " characters. You are using single quote characters, which is legal in JavaScript literals, but not in JSON.

It is useful to use a tool such as JSON Lint (which would have picked up this error) to test your JSON when you craft it by hand. (Usually you should use a well-tested library function to generate your JSON).

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Yes, am aware about that, but this data am getting from server end, so now how to tackle that, please suggest me? –  Niks Mar 19 '13 at 18:43

Your JSON is wrong, according to json.org:

An array is an ordered collection of values...


A value can be a string in double quotes, or a number, or true or false or null, or an object or an array.

So you must wrap your strings in double quotes instead of single quotes.


A valid JSON would be:

  "xyz": [
  "abc": [
  "serial_no": [
  "product_tax_amt": [
  "product_mrp": [
  "product_qty": [
  "contract_type": [
  "product_tax_rate": [
  "is_vat_exclusive": [
  "product_net_amt": [
  "sap_details": [
  "reference_invoice_no": [
  "pd": [
    "1||9911143976001||18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S",
    "5||11143976||PUMA-18373205-L-I-F-T- RACER WN'S",
  "topup_offers": [
  "product_discount_percentage": [
  "total_discount_percentage": [
  "basic_tax_rate": [
  "total_discount_amt": [
  "product_return_qty": [
  "product_gross_amt": [
  "invoice_no": [
  "product_discount_amt": [
  "is_voided": [
  "supplier_no": [
  "addl_tax_rate": [
  "product_cost_amt": [
  "code": [

And here is a JSBin Demo.

PS: I'm not sure if there should be "s in first and last elements of pd array. If so just add \"s to these values.

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Could you please do these for me? –  Niks Mar 19 '13 at 18:50
@Niks sure, see my updated answer. –  fardjad Mar 19 '13 at 19:57
I agreed with your example, but my string contains 'xyz' not "xyz", so in that case how to parse that? –  Niks Mar 20 '13 at 5:09

Using single Quotes (' ') is badpractice-- U better use Double Quotes (" ") for Literals.
For Example:

 var str = '{ "foo": "bar" }';
 var json = JSON.parse(str); 
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It isn't "badpractice", it's plain invalid. –  Quentin Mar 19 '13 at 15:13
While I agree with you, this doesn't answer his question. (He needs to make sure any quotes are escaped on encoding). –  Martijn Mar 19 '13 at 15:14

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