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I looked for other question about this but there are some things that aren't very clear to me. So I am asking my own question:

Currently, my Application stores SharedPreference if a User bought an Item. Everytime the User navigates to the Shop Page,the InAppBilling Service is started and the Inventory is checked for Items. All my Items are not consumable.

Now I want to be able to issue refunds if a User ask for it.

1) I order the refund in my Google Checkout Account

2) User Recieves IN_APP_NOTIFY of PurchaseStateChanged

What happens if my App isn't running? I wont be getting this Message and can't handle it?

These Purchase change how the App is working,and as a purchase is refunded, I want to deny Access to these features.

Are refunded Items removed from the Inventory?

Is it therefore a good Idea to check the Inventory everytime the App starts and remove the Attributes in the SharedPreferecens if an Item is no longer in the Inventory of a User?

And if I can handle these refunds through checking the Inventory, do I need to handle the PurchaseStateChanged at all?

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