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I am creating a Datagrid in AS3, and adding a sort function to a column. However, this sort function does never get called. Any ideas?

			dg_gruppenUebersicht = new NestedDataGrid;
			dg_gruppenUebersicht.sortableColumns = true;
			dg_gruppenUebersicht.dataProvider = arrCol_gruppenTnAkt;
			dg_gruppenUebersicht.columns = new Array;
			var cols : Array = dg_gruppenUebersicht.columns;

			//initalize datagrid
			var dgc : DataGridColumn = new DataGridColumn( "Jahrgang" );
			dgc.dataField = "TnJahrgang";
			dgc.labelFunction = MyFormatter.lblfunc_alter2jahrgang;
			dgc.sortable = true;
			dgc.sortCompareFunction = compareFunc_tnJahrgang;
			dgc.headerText = "Alter";
			dgc.headerRenderer = new ClassFactory( at.moschitz.VDGHeader );
			dgc.width = 20;
			cols.push( dgc );

			dg_gruppenUebersicht.columns = cols;

Strangely, the label function gets called.

Thanks Martin

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Try calling arrCol_gruppenTnAkt.refresh(); at the end.

Are there other columns in the data grid? If so, did you click on the dgc column so that the grid is sorted as per this column?

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Yes, there are other columns...and regardless which ones I click, the sorting is not working as expected. in debugging mode, the custom sort function is never called... –  martin Oct 11 '09 at 18:51
arrCol_gruppenTnAkt.refresh(); didn't work? –  Amarghosh Oct 12 '09 at 4:16
no, that did not work. Maybe I need to add a click handler on other header and do a manual refresh? But thats weird, it should take the sortfunction, like when you add it in MXML. –  martin Oct 12 '09 at 7:30

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