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I have a hash in ruby which holds options which I want to input for a javascript function

my hash is (as it prints in irb)

@options = [{:source=>"2", :tries=>"3"}]

my javascript function accepts options like

myFunc({source: num, tries: num})

So if in a js.erb file I do

myFunc(<%=j @options %>)

It would result in

{:source=&gt;\&quot;2\&quot;, :tries=&gt;\&quot;3\&quot;}

doing j @edges.to_json results in

 \&quot;{:source=&gt;\\\&quot;2\\\&quot;, :target=&gt;\\\&quot;3\\\&quot;} }\&quot;

doing j @edges.to_json.html_safe results in

\"{:source=>\\\"2\\\", :target=>\\\"3\\\"}\"

Is there way to make it output a more javascript friendly hash?

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try @options[0].to_json – Yuriy Golobokov Mar 19 '13 at 15:32
The content is being scaped, try @options.to_json.html_safe – nicooga Mar 19 '13 at 15:34

dont use j. try

myFunc(<%= @options.to_json %>)
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You may use gsub to remove those unwanted chars:

# => "{source:2,tries:3}"
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