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I've created a custom url handler in windows registry so that any link which begins with wxyz:// launches an application..

under shell/open/command , i discovered I could replace the application exe path with a url - so that if (Default) is set to "iexplore" and the link wxyz://thequickbrowsnfox is clicked , the users browser will goto

Considering, internet explorer might not be the users choice, how can I have the page open using the users default browser..

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I just searching for the same question and I got the answer from Windows RegKey - Default Browser Application Path. However I noticed that the registry path to get default browser changed since Vista: How Does Your Browser Know that It’s Not The Default.

Based on the registry value, you only get the (browser) Progid. To get the .exe path, you need to get from "HKCR\\<Progid>\\shell\\open\\command" just like the answer here Get dll directory from ProgID.

My concern is what if user change the default browser after you set the url handler? Your url handler does not point to the current default browser anymore. I afraid you need to create an application to accept the url handler (not the browser itself) and find the current default browser in the registry before you launch the browser.

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