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I want to access field values rendered by UIBinder by their names passed as String value

Is there any way to access data stored in ui field like


<g:TextBox ui:field="lastName"/>


String lastName
public Object fieldByName(String fieldName) {
    return value;


PersonView view;
String ln = (String)view.fieldByName("lastName");

Any solutions? Thnx in advice

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I wouldn't recommend to use this pattern to dynamically access widgets. It's not really clean code and can easily break.
If you have a lot of fields you want to bind I would recommend to use Editors.

If you still want to access widgets this, you have 2 choices:

  1. Create a HashMap containing all your TextBoxes (or whatever fields you want to access) and use the fieldname as a key. You can create a helper function to retrieve the values based on the key. However you have to populate your HashMap yourself.
  2. If you have all your widgets inside a container widgets (i.e. FlowPanel) you can traverse through the list of widgets of the container widget and retrieve them. You will probably set the id to the fieldname to identify them.
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Thanks Ümit for quick response. Editors approach is nice. But I didn't want to use beans for DTO. My thought was around using HashMap-style DTO produced by HQL select new Map(...) expression. Than I need to bind this data to widgets and during edititng compose DTO with updated field for sending back to server –  bbones1967 Mar 20 '13 at 13:06

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