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I get an unexpected error occasionally when my WPF application calls into my WCF service. It seems to only occur when I return a larger amount of data. I am essentially making 5 calls to the WCF service and each is returning ~500k of data using binary encoding. However, sometimes I get an error during the deserialization process indicating there was an error deserializing object type. Then it says unexpected prefix and it is some letter p, or l or m, or sometimes it just say unexpected end, etc.

If I close my window and retry sometimes it works. If I delete most of the data and try again it works fine until the amount of data grows. Using fiddler the data all seems to be intact and xml parsers say it is valid. I have both the client and server bindings set to max int levels to avoid size/length issues but I would have expected to see that a limit was exceeded if that were the case. It "appears" that two datasets are overlapping but I am not sure how that is possible.

If I set max connections down to 2 I do not see this issue but then the app responds much more slowly in all other scenarios. Any suggestions on how to further debug a problem like this?

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Post the error message. Until then, we can only guess. – nvoigt Mar 19 '13 at 15:55

Based on what you said, I suggest running a load test without the WCF to isolate the problem. Also are you hosting the WCF on IIS or local VS Web server? Check out this article and read the bottom part about Compression and the Binary Encoder

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