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I have the following template:

<xsl:template match="questionExplanation">
<span class="questionExplanation">
  <xsl:value-of select="node()" />

The value of node() is "enter a number <= 5" I need to escape the < to &lt; (And all others htmls special chars.

How can i do that? Im using xslt 2.0


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This should be done automatically by default. Have you looked at the output HTML? –  JLRishe Mar 19 '13 at 16:02
i have this line on top of my xslt <xsl:output method="html" indent="no" version="4.0"/> –  Miguel Galante Mar 19 '13 at 16:05
No, I mean have you looked at the actual output it produces? That line there looks correct. –  JLRishe Mar 19 '13 at 16:09
<span class="questionExplanation">Enter number, must be <= 1 1<sup>st</sup> line metastatic.</span> –  Miguel Galante Mar 19 '13 at 16:12
in the original xml i have the following <questionExplanation>Enter number, must be &lt;= {[53]} 1&lt;sup&gt;st&lt;/sup&gt; line metastatic.</questionExplanation> –  Miguel Galante Mar 19 '13 at 16:17

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