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I have a section with TITLE_BAR, and i try to add a menu to the section header (like in the PDE editors). All I could find is the context menu.

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There isn't enough information in this question to properly answer. Please include some code or screenshots as to what you are trying to accomplish. – andyczerwonka Oct 12 '09 at 22:47

I'm not sure if the tutorial in the previous answer will work for sections - as far as I know the menu contributions (from a plugin.xml) only apply to a view tool bar or menu - not the section header.

You could try investigating Section.setTextClient(...);, you can certainly add a tool bar using that, so could use a drop-down button in order to show a menu, if that would achieve what you want?

This article has some interesting form / section related information too, though not directly related to your problem

Eclipse Forms: New in 3.3

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Sounds like you are creating a view and you want to add a menu to the view. Here is an article describing the way to do that:

Use the Menu Location URI scheme menu: and specify the view Id.

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