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We have multiple Sites deployed to a single WebRole.

  <Site name="Web">
      <Binding name="EndpointA" endpointName="Internal" />
  <Site name="Web2" physicalDirectory="Web2">
      <Binding name="EndpointB" endpointName="EndpointB" />

If I understand correctly you can access the primary Site like for example:

public class WebRole : RoleEntryPoint 
    public override void Run()
        while (true)
            // Reconfigure log4net every 10 minutes

But how can I execute log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure() for every Site running on the WebRole?


The log4net.config file is stored on Azure blob storage.


And log4net.Config.XmlConfigurator.Configure() will read the correct log4net blob based on App.config or Web.config. Specifically: a ConfigureFromBlob() was added to the log4net implementation.

If the application is installed on-premise, ConfigureFromFile() will automatically watch the log4net.config file for changes and reconfigure if needed. ConfigureFromUri() and ConfigureFromBlob() cannot do this so the log4net.config changes needs to be reconfigured manually.

For Windows Azure I guess the best place is the Run() method.

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Do you need to have different log4net configurations for every site? –  Igorek Mar 19 '13 at 19:59
Yes, we need a separate log4net config for each Site. But even if we would have a single log4net config stored on Azure blob storage, then we still would have the problem of having to reconfigure per Site right? –  Simon de Kraa Mar 19 '13 at 21:40

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Since you're configuring your sites to run in different application pools, you will need to instrument log4net global static variable per each application, within individual application's global.asax.cs file

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I don't want to change the application itself (see "Edit" part in the original post). But are you saying I cannot access the individual Sites from RoleEntryPoint? –  Simon de Kraa Mar 20 '13 at 8:08

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