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I have created a Server Audit definition and I can locate the value I set for Max File Size in sys.server_file_audits. But I cannot find a column that represents the value I selected for the radio button (MB, GB, TB). Where does the system store this value?

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The value is stored in MB.

So if you picked 10 MB it would store 10. If you picked 10 GB it would store 10240 (10 * 1024). Etc. It doesn't store your radio button choice separately (after all, if you used DDL instead of the GUI, you didn't use a radio button in the first place).

You'll also notice that if you choose 1024 GB, hit OK, then open the properties dialog again, it doesn't remember your choice - it shows 1048576 MB (1024 * 1024).

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Thanks, Aaron, for your answer and your explanation. That clears it up. –  Roy Fulbright Mar 19 '13 at 19:31

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