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I am trying to get a rewrite rule that would allow for any files requested in the following form:


to be handled by file.php, and any files requested such as


to not be matched and just return the file as normal

The path: /assets/files/uploads/ is guaranteed to be there, the fourth token is guaranteed to be either 'number'.'extension' or 'number'/'title'.'extension'

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In more general regex, with / and . escaped


The + means the character right before must appear at least once. [something] specifies a valid range of characters, so [a-z] means any lower case letter, and [abc] means only allow a b c. Thus, here we require that there be a number (at least one digit), then a slash, then a filename (I assumed alphanumerics and underscore for the filename, but you can include other things in [a-zA-Z0-9_] that are legal), followed by a . and a file extension.

^ denotes the start of a line, $ denotes the end. You may or may not need these.

Not being familiar with Apache RewriteRule, I don't know what effects that has on the regex.

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Thank you sir. Put me on the right track. Final solution was a bit different. I'm editing your answer to reflect it. Thanks again. – haknick Mar 20 '13 at 17:44

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