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I am using phpseclib to download a file from a remote server. When the script is run through the command line, the file is downloaded completely, but the script seems to hang.

Here's my code:

$remote_file = '/path/to/file/file.txt';
$local_file = '/path/to/file/file.csv';

if(!$sftp->get($remote_file, $local_file))

        $err = $sftp->getSFTPErrors();
    $error = $err[0];

//If no errors

When I run the file, I don't get a response from the script; it just hangs, even though I see the file and all data is there.

The file itself is very large - 22,675,456 bytes. Perhaps the size of the file is causing the stall on the command line, even though the script itself seems to be executing correctly as far as downloading the file goes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Could you add a define('NET_SSH2_LOGGING', NET_SSH2_LOG_COMPLEX); at the top, right after you include Net/SFTP.php? And then instead of doing $sftp->getSFTPErrors() do $sftp->getLog(). Thanks! –  neubert Mar 19 '13 at 20:07
@neubert: if I replace $sftp->getSFTPErrors() with $sftp->getLog(), I still get nothing because the script seems to die as soon as it hang as soon as it gets $sftp->get. If I try it before $sftp->get, I get this: <- 00000000 53:53:48:2d:32:2e:30:2d:4f:70:65:6e:53:53:48:5f SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_ 00000010 34:2e:33:0a 4.3. -> 00000000 53:53:48:2d:32:2e:30:2d:70:68:70:73:65:63:6c:69 SSH-2.0-phpsecli 00000010 62:5f:30:2e:33:20:28:67:6d:70:29:0d:0a b_0.3 (gmp).. <- NET_SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT (0.0042s) –  Bad Programmer Mar 19 '13 at 21:48
Could you do define('NET_SSH2_LOGGING', NET_SSH2_LOG_REALTIME);? Also if you could place the results in <pre> tags and then paste it in pastebin.com that'd help with readability. Thanks! –  neubert Mar 19 '13 at 21:51

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