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I'm just getting started with programming for iOS on Xcode. I'm currently walking through a tutorial on AVFoundation (found here). At one point, I'm suppose to make a UIButton link one view to another using a "push" segue. As seen in the tutorial, this segue should be under the "Storyboard Segue" sub-menu of the "Connections Inspector". However, there is no Storyboard Segue sub-menu for me when the UIButton is selected in the storyboard. Any suggestions? Thank you much.

Additional Information: I did embed the view with the button in the navigation controller. I'm using Xcode 4.6. The only sub-menu options I see for the button in the Connection Inspector are triggered segues, outlet collections, sent events, referencing outlets, and referencing outlet collections.

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Figured it out. Xcode now places the "Storyboard Segues" under the "Triggered Segues". The trigger like "Push" is now a sub-option of "Action". If you drag "Action" to the view you want to "Push" to go to, it will then proceed to give you a drop down of options which includes "Push".

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