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for my first grails project i like use a breadcrumb navigation. The only plugin i found so far is menu plugin

With this plugin i was only able to create a static menu structure using the CRUD web interface. But the generated menu has its own web page, like a sitemap, and i have no clue who to integrate it into my existing web site.

Does anybody knows a better plugin, or an approach that would be more dynamic?

Thanks Stefan

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The grails breadcrumbs plugin works great. http://www.grails.org/plugin/breadcrumbs

It requires the jQuery plugin.

I put this in the head of my main.gsp layout

    <g:javascript library="jquery" plugin="jquery"/>

and this in the body

    <h1 id="pageName"><g:layoutTitle default="Grails" /></h1>
    <crumbs:trail selector="#pageName"/>
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