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this is my php code for populating my nav bar through an SQL query. I'm getting the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'index' (T_STRING), expecting ',' or ';' in /home/hj016/public_html/SKSSTW/index1.php on line 102

$sqlCommand = "SELECT id, linklabel FROM pages "; 
$query = mysqli_query($myConnection, $sqlCommand) or die (mysqli_error()); 
while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query )) 
echo "<li><a href="index.php?pid=".$row['linklabel'].>".$row['linklabel']."</a></li>";     

Any help is appreciated.

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echo "<li><a href="index.php?pid=".$row['linklabel'].>".$row['linklabel']."</a></li>"; 


echo '<li><a href="index.php?pid='.$row['linklabel'].'">'.$row['linklabel'].'</a></li>'; 
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You have a problem with double quotes, you are closing the echo string because you are not escaping them.

I recommend you to use simple strings for the echo function:

echo '<li><a href="index.php?pid="'.$row['linklabel'].'>"'.$row['linklabel'].'"</a></li>';     

If you are using double quotes, you can also use { } combined with the escaping tag \:

echo "<li><a href=\"index.php?pid=\"{$row['linklabel']}\">{$row['linklabel']}</a></li>';     

Another escaping option opening and closing tags would be:

echo "<li><a href=\"index.php?pid=".$row['linklabel']."\">".$row['linklabel']."</a></li>";     
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