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I'm using Twitter's python API to broadcast tweets. Sometimes it works fine. Sometimes it gives me the error "The text of your tweet is too long" for tweets that I believe should be completely legal.

This website explains that all links within a tweet should basically be counted as 20 characters:

But still it doesn't work for me. I have a tweet that is 132 characters. It includes the link (That is a made-up link. But the size and form of the link is the same). And it gives me the error above. By my calculations, even if I count this link as 20 characters, it would still come out to 139 characters which is less than 140. So what's the solution here?

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Rather than hard-coding the number, you can query help/configuration and use *short_url_length_https* and *short_url_length*. Twitter's Working with Best Practices guidance recommends caching these values up to 24-hours. Twitter recently announced Upcoming changes where the lengths were increasing. You might be seeing that and potentially running into miscalculations on power tweets due to differences in http and https lengths.

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Ok. Thanks. How can I use the Python-Twitter API to query help/configuration? when I looked at the function names made available by the API, none seemed like they would do this: >>> dir(api) ['ClearCredentials', 'CreateFavorite', 'CreateFriendship', 'CreateList', 'CreateSubscription', 'DEFAULT_CACHE_TIMEOUT', 'DestroyDirectMessage', 'DestroyFavorite', 'DestroyFriendship', 'DestroyList', 'DestroyStatus', 'DestroySubscription', 'GetDirectMessages', 'GetFavorites', 'GetFeatured', 'GetFollowerIDs', 'GetFollowers', 'GetFriendIDs', 'GetFriends', 'GetFriendsTimeline', 'GetLists', –  Saqib Ali Mar 20 '13 at 5:20
The Python Twitter API does have a member _shortlink_size. I thought that's the one I need. But this value comes out to be 19. Whereas clearly shows it to be 22. So what gives? –  Saqib Ali Mar 20 '13 at 5:23

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