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I installed OSClass and added some ads with specific locations (eg New York). I can see that against the location, there is a count of 1 indicating that there is one ad for that location, but when I click on the name of the region (New York) to access the add, a 404 Error page comes up that the page is not found. I am a new OSClass User, so please is there something I am missing? Shouldn't the hyperlink from the Region go directly to a list of ads posted in that region without error?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Search result page, if there aren't results, return status code 404 (Not found), you can recalculate the location item stats via oc-admin -> tools -> Location stats

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Search for:

if( count($aItems) === 0 ) {

Replace with:

if( count($aItems) === -1 ) {

Source(or for more information):


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I had the same issue, and it can be solved:

  1. go to admin >Settings >Permalinks
  2. For Page URL use p/{PAGE_SLUG}
  3. For Category URL use {CATEGORIES}

"Fix to this is using something that make the url different, for example cat/{CATEGORIES} or page/{PAGE_SLUG} or {PAGE_SLUG}-{PAGE_ID} ,...."

The magic, not only can I all the categories URL without pre-path, opening the locations also work now: http://vz.echteinfach.tv/hamburg-r781254

src: https://github.com/osclass/Osclass/issues/907

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