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I've got a simple winform. In it has a single TextBox control. In that, i've wired up the KeyPress event. Why? I'm trying to capture everything the user types in that textbox. But, when they hit return or enter, i then grab everything they've typed and send it to a command parser to do stuff.

I then display on the screen (in a RichTextBox) whatever they typed, so they know the command is about to get processed.

Simple stuff.

But the problem is when I hit the 'backspace' key. The Gui displays the incorrect text, a weird character that represents the backspace character and then the correct text.

So if i type this... ( == the backspace key)


the gui displays that.

I want it to display


(notice the XXX chars and the 3 backspace chars and not displayed).

Any suggestions?

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On key press event check if the key is backspace don't store it, instead delete the last character.

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I'm ebarassed it was this simple. :) i wasn't storing the backspace char .. I just never thought of removing the last character from the StringBuilder. That's what programming at midnight does to you blush .. time for beddies :P – Pure.Krome Oct 11 '09 at 13:31

Try using the TextBox.TextChanged event instead.

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