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One of our clients wants to FE log in as two different users at the same time, using one browser. I think this is only possible when using two different browser. IS there any workaround?

Background is this: We wrote a FE extension where user can login and update some of their data. One client is a kind of superuser/admin. He wants to compare and edit data of several users at once.

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Authentication in TYPO3 is performed by cookie fe_typo_user and therefore it is not possible to have two users logged in at same time from same browser.

You may advise to use different browsers or virtual machines for your client.

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Using two different browsers would solve the problem, but that seems not to be a solution to our customer. I was hoping for some trickery, maybe like a fe_login hook up to use several cookies or some fe_user plugin... It's hard to tell a customer that something "is not possible"... ;) – rantanplan Mar 25 '13 at 11:12

As Viktor wrote - it's not possible. Here I should finish the answer.

Anyway... while you are creating your own plugin you can easily add 'simulate mode' using for an example custom cookies... Block schema is:

[IF isAdmin AND simulateMode == false] {
    Display admin's version
} [ELSE] {
    Display common user's version

You can go even farther and switch the admin to simulate some chosen 'common' user, anyway make sure that will not violate some privacy police.

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Thanks - I'm now thinking about using fe_groups and then do some additional handling like in your sample code. Still waiting for the answer though... – rantanplan Mar 25 '13 at 11:17

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