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I can't seem to figure out how to get a git_reference * to a particular remote's HEAD.

I've got:

git_repository * repo = NULL;
git_reference *   ref = NULL;

/* ...load repository... */

if(git_reference_lookup(&ref, repo, "remotes/origin/HEAD"))
    printf("Error obtaining reference to remote HEAD!");

The error message is displayed when the application is run, indicating that the reference wasn't found. However, the remote HEAD does indeed exist:

$: find .git/refs/*

Why can't I obtain a git_reference * to the remote HEAD?

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You need to specify a full path to the reference. For example:

int error = git_reference_lookup(&ref, repo, "refs/remotes/origin/HEAD");

libgit2 could not prefix refs/ for you, or else you would be unable to open references in other places, most notably the HEAD reference.

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Ah, okay - thanks for the clarification! I was actually just returning to this question to post an answer saying the same thing. I used git_reference_list() to enumerate all of the references in the repository and was able to get the correct string to use from there. –  Nathan Osman Mar 19 '13 at 18:23

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