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I have the following code:

var tabla_szam = 1;
var etk_szam = 1;
$(".etrend_ossze, .tabla_sel").each(function () {
   if (etk_szam == 5) {
      etk_szam = 1;
$((this).find(":first-child")).attr("id", "tabla_" + tabla_szam + "_" + etk_szam); //i want to reach the actual .etrend_ossze and .tabla_sel
$((this).find(":second-child")).attr("id", "tabla_sel" + tabla_szam + "_" + etk_szam);

The Console gives me this error: TypeError: this.find is not a function. i want to reach the actual .etrend_ossze and the actual .tabla_sel through $this as first and second element.

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$(this).find(":nth-child(1)") //:second-child doesn't exist
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I just realize this has effect of the first and second child of .etrend_ossze and what I want is the first and second element of this, which is .etrend_ossze and .tabla_sel Sorry for my misunderstanding – user2186932 Mar 19 '13 at 18:25

Let's have a look at this line:


Now let's break it up a bit:


So the browser first does (this) (which returns the DOM element object) and then tries to call find. It would only call the jQuery function $ on the result of the call to find. However, it never gets as far as calling $, because there is no find method on a native DOM element, so there is an error, as you show.

The solution is to get rid of the extra brackets:

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thanks, i put to many of them – user2186932 Mar 19 '13 at 18:42

This is not a correct way:


It should be:

Either this way:


or this way:


Hmmm...But, i never heard or read of :second-child

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