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I have figured out how to bypass ServiceStack to implement my own HTTP Handler to serve files as a download, and it's working well. I'm wondering, however, now that I'm outside servicestack, if I can somehow access the cache.

Below is how I'm registering my custom IHTTPHandler:

 SetConfig(new EndpointHostConfig
                    RawHttpHandlers = new List<Func<IHttpRequest, IHttpHandler>>()
                        req => {
                            if (req.PathInfo.Contains("filetest"))
                                return new MP4DownloadHandler();
                            return null;

Can I gain access to ServiceStack's cache (ICacheClient) from the ProcessRequest member of class MP4DownloadHandler?

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Yep you can access any of ServiceStack's dependencies via the singleton:


Which looks at the IOC in the ASP.NET ServiceStack AppHost.

The same example that works in all ServiceStack AppHosts is:

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