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Is there a way to disable a user from downloading a file from a URL?

For example I have a link:


I want to disable the user from downloading the filename.svg

These svg files are not just an image, they are editable designs that I have spent countless hours on each. No, I do not care if someone does a screenprint or gets a png etc, as those are not scalable, editable, vector files.

When the user clicks on a png thumbnail my actual link opens my online design editor to allow the user to customize these files, then save to my server, then purchase printed media, and they are not allowed to download any files.

I tried putting the actual files into a password protected folder on my server, but they do not open properly, and I do not want the user to have password access to this folder.

Essentially I need the link to be accessible, just not show the actual link for someone to copy and open/save/download etc.

Hopefully there is a simple solution for a non-programmer with basic html skills?


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Your can do things like "disabling right-click" and stuff - it may prevent some users from downloading your file, BUT basically you cannot prevent a file which is downloaded and interpreted by the browser from being downloaded to a user's hard drive. This is not only true for SVGs, but also for music, videos, etc.

Instead, you can convert your SVG file to a PNG on server-side, and show only the PNG to the user. Note that you have the possibility to create PNGs of different sizes on the fly - dependent on the request, user's screen resolution, etc. You can also implement caching of the generated PNGs if needed.

On how to create a PNG from SVG in PHP read here:
Convert SVG image to PNG with PHP

You can choose other raster image format, of course.

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Converting to a PNG is not an option, as the SVG is the file that the user dynamically live edits the file, like doing a t-shirt design, then saves. Is there a way to MASK the url, but still let it open the file, kinda like: before: wow.mywebsitedomain.com/templates/filename.svg after: wow.mywebsitedomain.com/7yXg43d3 ??? –  Mahogan Mar 19 '13 at 19:26
Do I understand your web-application correctly? You have a base-design (created by you), which a user may customize - i.e. modify to his/her own needs. Then he submits the modified design to the server, which processes the order. You want that base design not to be available for download. Am I right? –  Alex Shesterov Mar 19 '13 at 19:31
yes, you are correct. –  Mahogan Mar 19 '13 at 19:32
i have a code to disable right click on the thumbnails, but this is not helpful. When the user clicks on the thumbnail, the link is to open the svg file in the web application and the link displays the actual folder etc of the file, and it can easily be copied and downloaded directly. So to mask that link somehow to make this not possible. Also when viewing the source code, the links is easily visible. –  Mahogan Mar 19 '13 at 19:42
As I said in my answer, if they can view it, they can download it. If it's transferred to their web browser, they can save it. There is simply no way around this. If they have caching turned on, then every file they view gets saved on the hard drive already. –  Pete Mar 19 '13 at 20:19

If they can view it, they can download it. End of story. If you only want them to see a PNG, make a PNG from it and put that up

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My understanding is; if you can see it, you can download it,

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