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I am looking for IBM iLog Scheduler, specifically versions related to the manual at link below which I would like to use to implement projects of a similar kind using the methods provided. I cannot find any related software that gives the core components that makes up IBM iLog Scheduler. I have CPLEX studio but I am not sure that the two are connected? Can anyone point me in the right direction in getting a working version of iLog Scheduler.


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The document you've linked to seems to be restricted to users with accounts in the stryler.com Google Apps domain. Perhaps you can change the sharing settings to make it visible to everyone? Also, it would be helpful to quote in your question an excerpt from that document that relates to the problem at hand, so that the question remains useful should that link ever stop working. –  Martin Atkins Mar 28 '13 at 6:46

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ILOG Scheduler is an old product no more maintained by IBM. It was replaced with IBM ILOG CP (CP is for Constraint Programming). I used them both as an academic user and I must say that Scheduler was way more user oriented than CP! :( However, CP is more powerful in term of its ability to model any type of combinatorial problem, not just Scheduling.

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