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Is it possible to include Facebook's function postLike into jquery code below to work on button click or submit?

function postLike(){FB.api("/me/og.likes","post",{object:"http://test.com/test"})}

$(this).serialize(),function(){$("#buddy").html(" ");
dataType:"html",success:function(c){$("#buddy").html(c)}});return false})});

Thank you in advance!

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Yes. It is possible. And it is done all the time. –  Tommy Crush Mar 19 '13 at 19:50
Tommy, would you be so kind to show how to do this with my example... I guess I'm too stupid & miss smth. but I can't get it working. That will be so awesome help for me! –  demetrius Mar 19 '13 at 19:53

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Yes, it is highly possible.

Include the JS SDK. Include jQuery.


$("#id of button").click(function(){
   FB.api('/me/og.likes',{object:'URL OF YOUR OPEN GRAPH OBJECT'}, function(response){
       alert(Success! It was liked!");
       alert("Failure! Something went wrong.");


On that URL OF YOUR OPEN GRAPH OBJECT, you must implement an object via the Open Graph Protocol

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