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What are my options (if any) for compiling SASS/Compass files server-side on Linux?

We have the entire codebase on Git. We use Compass/SASS for all CSS work, and I see no reason to track compiled files. We had headaches with the compiled CSS throwing merge errors since it's all on one line.

Is compiling Compass/SASS server-side a viable solution for this?

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What are you using to deploy? Here is a solution with Capistrano, I've also used git post-receive hooks successfully:… – bookcasey Mar 19 '13 at 23:01
Here is a great write up outlining SASS/Less compilation methods, as well as some of the pros/cons of each. – Wilhelm Jun 3 '14 at 5:42
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Our deploy scripts will compile the sass files to CSS and then deploy to the production servers (but of course not tracking the compiled files in git because that would cause nonsense)...

Not sure what stack you're using to deploy but it's best to compile, and then deploy instead of having every page request try to compile the files on-the-fly.

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I think I disagree with this. I have the same problem. I want the features of writing sass but don't want to (auto)compile it on the localhost. Besides that, sass has one downside: variables aren't variables but actually constants.

This is my workaround:

I have a style.php

  • can include 'real' variables (extreme handy when you have lot's of themes)
  • outputs css

And in the head is use:

<style><?echo style.php; ?></style>

This comes with two downsides:

  1. Like nzifnab stated earlier: It has to compile every time when a visitor visits a page.
  2. You don't have all of sass functions available.

But this is all solvable.

  1. can be solved with caching.
  2. can be solved with i guess (not tested yet)
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