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I looked through the tutorial on School of Haskell and maybe I missed it but I did not see how to share code between active Haskell elements?

For example in the below a is shared between two other active Haskell elements.

``` active haskell shared
a = 2

``` active haskell
mian = print $ "a: " ++ show a

``` active haskell
b = 3
mian = print $ "a*b: " ++ show (a*b)

This would allow an author to add comments to a ghci like session with out considerable code repetition.

The BlogLiterately-diagrams package offers such functionality as you can see in the example on it's hackage page.

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You didn't miss anything: the feature does not currently exist. We're planning on adding it in not too long.

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Thanks looking forward to it. –  Davorak Mar 20 '13 at 3:42

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