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I created a login form. Each user has personal login URL (unique URL for each user). For example, unique UL is like this:


I take this part of url: unique-url-for-user, connect to MySQL and check if unique-url-for-user exists. If exists, check if username and password is correct. To get unique-url-for-user I plan to use $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']

Question is:

  1. Can a malicious user use my method to somehow harm the website?
  2. Can a malicious user for example type www.my-domain.com/x and from the URL, brute force all user accounts?
  3. Is there any way instead of $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] to use something other to get actual URL?

If a user types www.my-domain.com/xyz, I get xyz and user cannot give me another URL.

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Does QUERY_STRING include the path?? That's weird. I would expect you need REQUEST_URI. –  Rudie Mar 19 '13 at 20:25

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I am disagree with @AlienWebguy.

So you have value from Request.

When you want use this value in DB you must use Prepared Statements.

When you want to display it in your page: no HTML allowed -- use htmlentities, HTML allowed -- strip all scripts, HTML and Scripts allowed -- current user must be a trusted user.

When you want to use it in file system(do not forget open_basedir) check requested file in allowed directory(realpath) and filename match to predefined mask.

P.S. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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