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before a days I was search for an open source actionscript server side, I found Project Darkstar (red dwarf) and I save the name in my mind to return to it when I will be free, now I'm free and I want to download it but I don't found it.

what happened to it? if I found the server uploaded can I adopt it as my game sever side ?

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Project Darkstar began as a personal project of Jeff Kesselman in 1999. It later became a research project at Sun Microsystems, February 2, 2010, Oracle shut down the project, and a community fork has been made called RedDwarf Server. RedDwarf server is distributed under GPLv2 with the server APIs being made specially available under GPLv2 + classpath exception.

code in github

code in sourceforge

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Thanks for the pointers. And yes, as you pointed out although the community site is down the repos and wiki still exist. I'm going to try to add a web page to the pages I host over at wikispaces and watch to see if I can snag the name back again. Jeff Kesselman – user430788 Nov 20 '13 at 19:37

Unfortunately it appears that RedDwarf server is not being actively worked on. Although its website ( is no longer active, the code can be found at .

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