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I having the following code and member value is type object and in this process = long and i want to cast it to big decimal ,when i trying the following code i get error:java.lang.Double cannot be cast to [C

} else if  (typeName.equals("java.math.BigDecimal"))) {
        return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal((char[]) memberValue));
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What is the type of memberValue? –  sircapsalot Mar 19 '13 at 20:43
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The error message:

java.lang.Double cannot be cast to [C

tells you that this cast is illegal:

(char[]) memberValue

so don't do it. The error message tells you that memberValue is a Double, so this should work:

return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal((Double) memberValue));

Depending on the declared type of memberValue the cast may be completely unnecessary, though it sounds like the declared type is Object. Alternately, since there is a BigDecimal constructor which accepts strings, you could try to get away with this, though it's not really any less-smelly:

return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal(memberValue.toString()));
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The [C represents the type "array of char", and indeed, you can't cast a Double to an array of char, nor should you want to. According to the message, memberValue is a Double, so you just want to do

return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal(memberValue));
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thanks but when i try your proposal i getting the following DT error The constructor BigDecimal(Object) is undefined,any idea? –  John Jerrby Mar 19 '13 at 21:03
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If you are getting that error, it means that memberValue is a Double. In this case, you should probably just use

new BigDecimal(memberValue)

but I'd have to see more code to be sure.

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The error message means that memberValue is a java.lang.Double object, and you are trying to cast it to char[]. That doesn't work, because a Double is not a char[].

In this case, you can just remove the cast, and call doubleValue() on the Double object:

return new SwitchInputType<BigDecimal>(new BigDecimal(memberValue.doubleValue()));

This way, you're using the constructor of BigDecimal that takes a double instead of a char[].

If the type of memberValue is Object, you'll have to cast it to Double first:

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