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I have a barplot which looks like as: enter image description here

and I want to add a legend somewhere in the bolded rectangle, I have already tried par(xpd=TRUE) and setting the margins for the fourth bar plot but for some reasons I can't get it to work...

So if you have any idea please let me know!

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Not sure why xpd didn't work for you, but the following piece of code should give you some clues:

par(mfrow=c(2,2), xpd=TRUE)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
legend(-4.5, 56,  c("A", "B"), col=2:3,lwd=1)

To get an idea of the legend's coordinates, I used the locator() function.

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try locator {graphics}


legend(locator(1), border=FALSE, fill=FALSE, "try the position") 

after your plot(), you can click on your plot window on the position you wish

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You can use layout here, with different heights enter image description here

layout(rbind(c(1, 2),
             c(3, 3),
             c(4, 5)),
       heights=c(3, 1.5, 3),
tN <- table(Ni <- stats::rpois(100, lambda = 5))
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
text(0.5,0.5,'legend in center',cex=3)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
barplot(tN, col = 2:3)
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