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I have looked all over, and was shocked to be unable to find anything on the topic.

I just want to be able to capture events from a simple mouse scrollwheel.

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Yep, this is incredibly confusing. That's because X11 decided to assign mouse scroll wheel events as mouse button 4 and 5. Receiving scrollwheel events is the same as receiving mouse button press events (ButtonPress events according to /usr/include/X11/X.h). Note also that the header file defines Button1..Button5. Buttons 4 and 5 correspond to up or down-- maybe not that order, you'll have to determine this empirically. The header file never mentions scrollwheel events.

Thankfully, higher level APIs (like GDK) explicitly provide scrollwheel support by name.

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Also not that each 'tick' of the scrollwheel will generate both a Press and a Release event, right after each other. You can safely ignore the Release events for these buttons. –  JvO Mar 25 '13 at 19:04
@MultimediaMike So I've finally gotten a chance to work on this. Part of my initial problem earlier was I wasn't capturing the correct events. Two questions: is the amount scrolled specified (or is it just multiple events), and how is horizontal scrolling done? –  imallett May 14 '14 at 22:38

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