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If I have the following route in my Rails routes.rb file:

get "time_track/check_in"

What will the path variable be that I can use in my views? I assumed something like time_track_check_in_path or check_in_time_track_path. However, neither of those work:

<%= link_to 'Check-in', check_in_time_track_path %>
<%= link_to 'Check-in', time_track_check_in_path %>
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What does rake routes say about it? – slhck Mar 19 '13 at 21:15
it should be the second one, what error do you get? – Zippie Mar 19 '13 at 21:22
I must've made a mistake somehwere, @Zippie, you're correct. @slhck, that helped confirm to me it was time_track_check_in_path so I tried it again and it worked... I must've typed it wrong at first... – at. Mar 19 '13 at 21:26
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When providing a verb route the RouteSet will make a best guess as to the controller/action and helper method name. It does require at least 2 segments in the matching path, otherwise you have to supply the controller, action and helper name yourself.

For a single segment matcher (no slashes in the path) the full definition is required.

# Looks for FooController#index and provides foo_path/foo_url
get 'foo', :to => 'foo#index', :as => :foo

For a matcher with two or more segments it will assume the following syntax.

# Looks for FooController#bar and provides foo_bar_path/foo_bar_url
get 'foo/bar'
# Looks for Baz::FooController#bar and provides baz_foo_bar_path/baz_foo_bar_url
get 'baz/foo/bar'

One thing to note is that this behavior is different from the resources matcher in regards to the path helper name. Using this syntax provides namespace_controller_action where using resources and namespaces provides action_namespace_controller, which may be where some of your confusion between the two formats lies.

For example if you had a time track resource already then you would add it like so:

# Provides /time_track/check_in as check_in_time_track_path mapping to TimeTrackController#check_in
resources :time_track do
  collection do
    get :check_in
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