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If you wish to write inline assembly within C++ (when compiling C++ with the Intel Compiler) which assembly syntax do you use? Is it FASM/NASM or MASM? and does this matter which OS you are on (or does the Intel compiler abstract that difference away)?

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According to Intel, The Intel® C++ Compiler supports both Microsoft-style and GNU-like style inline assembly:

Inline Assembly

Microsoft* Style Inline Assembly

The Intel® C++ Compiler supports Microsoft-style inline assembly. See the Microsoft documentation for the proper syntax.

GNU*-like Style Inline Assembly (IA-32 architecture and Intel® 64 architecture only)

The Intel® C++ Compiler supports GNU-like style inline assembly. The syntax is as follows:

asm-keyword [ volatile-keyword ] ( asm-template [ asm-interface ] ) ;


The Intel® C++ Compiler supports gcc-style inline ASM if the assembler code uses AT&T* System V/386 syntax.

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