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My controller methods serve dual purpose: To both handle traditional browser requests AND to interact via REST clients using mapped resources.

Case: This is convenient because I can keep all of my validation centralized in Cake models and still have nice ajax forms that I can validate by extracting Model::validationErrors and adding them to the json response. Where I don't care if a form is ajax, I can simply NOT apply my client-side javascript and the form and server communicate normally.

Problem: Many controller actions rely on Controller::redirect(). By overriding redirect(), trying beforeRedirect(), etc, I can find NO reliable way to convert the redirect into a JSON response during an ajax request that would indicate something like 'redirectUrl' => 'foo' so that my client (in the case of browser ajax) can forward the user to a new url using javascript location redirect.

I thought I had it working but realized that unauthorized users had access to run protected resources despite not seeing their output.

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I don't have a high enough reputation to post my own answer, sorry. –  Plywood Mar 19 '13 at 21:57
See line 1002 of the component in the "cake rest plugin" on github. –  Plywood Mar 19 '13 at 21:57

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You can use json array with two keys like

$json['status'] => 'success', $json['url'] => 'router::url ("/",array("controller" => "yourcontroller", "action" => "youraction"))'; // url where you want redirect after some processing

return json_encode($json);

//In your Script from you was send ajax request:

if(json['status'] == 'success'){ window.location.href = json['url'];}

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