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i have a network and i want to assign all ip addresses a name. For this purpose i want to make a perl script that will print each ip on separate line from an ip range. I found a way via Net:IP but i can't figure out how to parse my command line ip range to the script (i am new with perl). My script looks like this:

use Net::IP;
my $test=join(' ',@ARGV);
my $ip = new Net::IP ('$test') || die;
do {
    print $ip->ip(), "\n";
} while (++$ip);


So my only problem is that the comand line syntax looks like this: perl ip.pl - and i can;t figure out how to parse this argument into my script after Net:IP (' here ').

Thanks for every idea.

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my $test = join(' ', @ARGV); "$test"; can also be written as "@ARGV". –  TLP Mar 19 '13 at 22:27

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my $ip = new Net::IP ('$test') || die;


my $ip = new Net::IP ($test) || die;

Single quotes will not evaluate your scalar.

Also, always

use strict;
use warnings;
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thank you very much. It works ! –  user2188468 Mar 19 '13 at 21:52

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