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I can succsessfully run my JavaFX2.2.5 project in Eclipse. However, when I try to JAR the project into a runnable JAR, that JAR file doesn't have the FXML files needed inside it (I can verify this by unzipping the JAR file with WinZip).

Does anyone know how to include the FXML files when you JAR a project via Eclipse? I assume the FXML files belong in the bin folder, as they do when running in Eclipse.


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Are you using a plugin to build the runnable JAR like FatJAR for instance? You should put them in the src folder either way, the bin folder is managed by the IDE. – Dreen Mar 20 '13 at 10:17
Thanks Dreen. I am having trouble pointing to the FXML files in any way other than a relative path. That is why I placed the FXML files in the bin directory. I am not using a plugin to build the JAR file. Maybe I should use the JavaFX SDK and run "javafxpackager -createjar"? – Alex Mills Mar 20 '13 at 15:04

The FXML files go into src folder, bin is managed by the IDE.

For building runnable applications with JavaFX in Eclipse, you should really check out e(fx)clipse.

Also, please read this question about loading FXML.

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