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I have a project that uses maven and I am attempting to deploy to the sonatype OSS repository. When I execute mvn release:perform, 5 different staging repos are created instead of just one. The various files are spread among these different repos so I cannot successfully deploy.

Is there a reason that maven is splitting up my release?

The project along with my pom files are here:

sonatype repos

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Turns out that each staging repository thought that it was deployed from a different IP address. This can happen in corporate environments where a floating IP address proxies outbound requests.

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the parent you are using ( does not really give a hint on whats going wrong. there is only one release repository configured:

Is it possible this is caused by some configuration inside the Nexus Proxy? And not by your maven structure?

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Maybe repository isn't the right term. All the bundles get sent to the same repo as far as I can tell. I've attached a screenshot from the nexus – DDRBoxman Mar 20 '13 at 0:10

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