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I'm updating an app to rails 3.1 and I'm getting this error when precompiling my assets, I've updated ckeditor to 4.0.2 because according to this Github Issue that will fix it but the error is still there. Do I have to do something after I update the gem?

Here's the full error:

Invalid CSS after "*": expected "{", was "html .cke_uicol..."

"html" may only be used at the beginning of a compound selector.
  (in /home/stanwinston/stanwinston/app/assets/javascripts/ckeditor/_source/plugins/uicolor/yui/assets/yui.css)

Thank you in advanced!

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If you cannot update to 3.2 (as @user1479606 suggests) and really need to make it work, it's possible to setup CKEditor in public folder (without gem). See another topic. –  rdamborsky Mar 29 '13 at 8:33

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Well, I am going to catch some flak for this but, after trying to upgrade and blah blah blah 3 hours, here was how I fixed it:

Due to the complexity of my app, and the requirement to support IE 8, I was unable to readily change the rails or ckeditor version. What I did instead was to fix the css included in the gem:


There is a "*html" where you need a "* html", note the space.

Here are some related posts about the issue: http://dev.ckeditor.com/ticket/9411 and https://github.com/galetahub/ckeditor/issues/188

Then I precompiled my assets locally, so that the asset compilation happened on my machine with the patched gem. I am not a fan of this method, but my client is not a fan of broken web forms, or longer hours spent updating libraries without adding any new features.

There is no point in submitting a pull request against the gem, since it is code from a 3rd party of a 3rd party and the gem has long since switched to rails 4 support.

Feel free to tell me I am wrong for X reason below.

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I'm also stumble upon the same situation but update my Rails version to 3.2+ solve the problem

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