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Need help for xcopy command,

I have a directory structure and wanted to copy few contents of this. Iam using xcopy for the same but having trouble. My directory structure is below.


which in turn contains subfolders and also files. I want to copy coo and all its subfolder to another location, my xcopy command for the same is,

xcopy I:\Foo\coo e:\temp /e/c/t/h/r/y /s

executing this command copies folders and subfolders from c1-->c2 but folder coo is missing.

-regards, Manju

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xcopy I:\Foo\coo e:\temp copies the contents of coo into temp. If you want to copy coo into e:\temp\coo, you want xcopy I:\Foo\coo e:\temp\coo (assuming temp already exists).

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This is more of a user error. xcopy supports a source, a destination, some flags, and an exclude list.

When you use xcopy I:\foo\coo e:\temp, you say that the contents INSIDE the source(I:\foo\coo) should be equal to the contents INSIDE the destination (e:\temp). So you need to use something like:

xcopy I:\foo\coo e:\temp\coo

to make it include the coo folder.

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Hi Graimer, Thanks for the response. I agree your solution and also the one above this from SirPentor. –  Manju Mar 20 '13 at 2:25

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