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I want to get some Ideas from you about Edge and Overview of languages below.

Java = ?

FoxPro = ?

VisualBasic = ?

What projects are best using that languages?

Are there approach or tool that unites them? (database? I think)

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I would suggest using Wikipedia for a general overview of languages.

While I don't know much about FoxPro (note: Wiki claims that VFP9 will be the last version of it. I would not be starting new projects with it) but you would have a number of ways of getting them to talk to each other. Ranging from full blown enterprise messaging queues to some simple file based communication. A database would sit somewhere between the two extremes. What to choose depends on your infrastructure. Enterprise Integration Patterns: Designing, Building, and Deploying Messaging Solutions is a good book on this general subject.

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Visual FoxPro 9 SP2 is the last version to be released by Microsoft, and will be supported by them until 2014. It remains an excellent choice for rapid development of database applications, bearing in mind that you can use SQL Server, MySQL and many other databases as the data layer in addition to it's native DBF format. – Alan B Oct 21 '09 at 9:28
  • Java is fully support OOP but i do not recommend it for a small application. it's need more resource of client computer than the other two language. and java is portable which mean once you write in windows , you can run your program in many system like it's jargon "write once , run every where". but some says "write once fix every where".
  • Foxpro. foxpro 9 already support oop. you can delop application from small to large company with foxpro. and it's also support many dbms other than dbf. eg, mysql, mssql, orecle, ect.
  • Visual Basic. if what you mean is visual basic 6. it's no longger supported by microsoft. but it's the fact that it was most popular language. so you will found many website and articles talk about it. the error handling is not quite good, it's to handle an error which you never predicted before

each programming languange have it's own advantages and disadvantages, but i'm noe think the best language is the languange which can solve your problem faster, mean it shold have a good error handling

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