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I'm create create a custom form type for show stars rating, (basicaly five radio buttons). I create a custom block for render:

{% block star_rating_widget %}
    {% spaceless %}
        <div {{ block('widget_container_attributes') }}>
            {% for child in form %}
                    {{ form_widget(child) }}
            {% endfor %}
    {% endspaceless %}
{% endblock %}

This block render five radio buttons fine using default radio_widget block.

{% block radio_widget %}
    {% spaceless %}
        <input type="radio" {{ block('widget_attributes') }}{% if value is defined %} value="{{ value }}"{% endif %}{% if checked %} checked="checked"{% endif %} />
    {% endspaceless %}
{% endblock radio_widget %}

I need to know how to override radio_widget block for add some classes and attributes, but only when render inside star_rating_block.

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You can pass variables to the form_widget through the second argument. You would basically allow a set of options in your custom type and pass them through the twig function.

{{ form_widget(child, {attr: {class: classNameVar}}) }} {# passing some classes through the variable classNameVar

You can find more information in the documentation about twig template form function and variable reference.

In the same documentation, you can find information about the different form variables.

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Possible solution:

{% block radio_widget %}
    {% if "custom_widget" in form.parent.vars.block_prefixes %}
        // custom view 
    {% else %}
        // default view from form_div_layout.html.twig 
    {% endif %} 
{% endblock radio_widget %}
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