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From start to the end of a testcase in Selenium IDE - HTML.

What command/target to do is useful?

Please give an example?

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What have you tried? Where have you looked? – Floris Mar 20 '13 at 0:04
It will be easier for us to help you if you include sample code of what you've tried, what your results have been. – Jeff Wolski Mar 20 '13 at 0:07
im very new to S-IDE. i found a few threads via google with the same question, but nobody has answers yet. i think with store or storeEval could realize this, but i am not sure. – user2178824 Mar 20 '13 at 0:23
i tried to store the server time from my page in a var and count it in the end of the test, but servertime is the server time not present. – user2178824 Mar 20 '13 at 0:29

is a bit large, but it works =P

[info] Executing: |storeEval | javascript{(new Date().getHours())} | hStart |
[info] script is: 2
[info] Executing: |storeEval | javascript{(new Date().getMinutes())} | mStart |
[info] script is: 8
[info] Executing: |storeEval | javascript{(new Date().getSeconds())} | sStart |
[info] script is: 0
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${hStart}*60*60 | hStartTos |
[info] script is: 2*60*60
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${mStart}*60 | mStartTos |
[info] script is: 8*60
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${hStartTos}+${mStartTos}+${sStart} | sStartTotal |
[info] script is: 7200+480+0
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${sStartTotal}/60 | sTomStartTotal |
[info] script is: 7680/60

[info] Executing: |pause | 300000 | Here your testcase |

[info] Executing: |storeEval | javascript{(new Date().getHours())} | hEnd |
[info] script is: 2
[info] Executing: |storeEval | javascript{(new Date().getMinutes())} | mEnd |
[info] script is: 13
[info] Executing: |storeEval | javascript{(new Date().getSeconds())} | sEnd |
[info] script is: 0
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${hEnd}*60*60 | hEndTos |
[info] script is: 2*60*60
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${mEnd}*60 | mEndTos |
[info] script is: 13*60
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${hEndTos}+${mEndTos}+${sEnd} | sEndTotal |
[info] script is: 7200+780+0
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${sEndTotal}/60 | sTomEndTotal |
[info] script is: 7980/60
[info] Executing: |storeEval | ${sTomEndTotal}-${sTomStartTotal} | ExeTime |
[info] script is: 133-128
[info] Executing: |echo | ${ExeTime} Minutes | |
[info] echo: 5 Minutes 
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