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Is there a plug in or a block of code I can add in order to always display submenu?

enter image description here

The only time I can see the submenu that has a red border around it is when I click the menu item "SHOP", I would like the submenu that has a red border to be visible on any pageall the time

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You could do this at the theme layer by editing page.tpl.php and printing $secondary_links.

You might also just prefer to use the Menu Block module, which has some pretty handy config options:

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I have installed the module, the only thing with the template that is being used is that the menu is hard codded into the page.tpl.php and it is not a block. Any idea what php code I would use to hard code it into page.tpl.php? I have never used Drupal before, just trying to do a friend a favor. Thanks in advance! –  user1740297 Mar 21 '13 at 21:04

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