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I’m using FreePBX with Asterisk’s Java API. For the moment, I’m able to display all my SIP peers with their respective states:

public void onManagerEvent(ManagerEvent event) 
    // Look if the event is a IP phone (Peer entry)
    if(event instanceof PeerEntryEvent)
        PeerEntryEvent ev = (PeerEntryEvent)event;
        // Get the user extension
        peer = ev.getObjectName();
        // Add to the array

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I’m able to display the phone number and name of both callers when a channel is open:

private String GetExtensionPeer(String extension)
    for (AsteriskChannel e : channels)
        if (e.number.equals(extension) && e.bridge != null )
            for (AsteriskChannel channel : channels)
                if (z.channel.equals(e.bridge))
                   return "       with " + channel.number + " - " + channel.name;
    return "";

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But now, I would like to display the name of my extensions without a channel connection.

In FreePBX's panel, it's look like :

enter image description here

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In freepbx you can get list of extensions from asterisk db. To see info, do

asterisk -rx "database show"

To get info use manager action "command" with DBGET.

Other option - got that info from freepbx's mysql db.

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