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GXT 3 question:

Does anyone have any idea why these two handlers are not triggered when I select any row on the grid? SelectionModel is GridSelectionModel, set to single selection.

Are there any further declaration to be done? It is as simple as this, isn't it. I had no problem adding event listeners for GXT 2.2, but there are some changes in GXT 3. These events are for detecting row selections, aren't they?

SelectionChangedHandler<Summary> gridSelectionChangedHandler = 
  new SelectionChangedHandler<Summary>() {
    public void onSelectionChanged(
      SelectionChangedEvent<Summary> event) {
        Summary rec = event.getSelection().get(0);
        Window.alert("Row = "+ rec.getId());    

SelectionHandler<Summary> gridSelectionHandler =
  new SelectionHandler<Summary>() {
    public void onSelection(SelectionEvent<Summary> event) {
      Summary rec = event.getSelectedItem();
      Window.alert("Row = "+ rec.getId());    

public SummaryViewImpl() {

However, I have no problem with RowClickEvent, as the following is firing:

@UiHandler({ "grid" })
void onRowClick(RowClickEvent event){
    int row = event.getRowIndex();
    Window.alert("Row = "+ row);        

grid is an instance of SummaryGrid:

public class SummaryGrid
extends Grid<Summary>{

    this.sm = new GridSelectionModel<Summary>();

  blah ... blah ...

  public HandlerRegistration addSelectionChangedHandler(SelectionChangedHandler<Summary> handler){
    return this.getSelectionModel().addSelectionChangedHandler(handler);

  public HandlerRegistration addSelectionHandler(SelectionHandler<Summary> handler){
    return this.getSelectionModel().addSelectionHandler(handler);

  blah ... blah ...
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try this grid.getSelectionModel().addSelectionChangedHandler

not sure if you need to set the selection mode first or not but my working code is like:


grid.getSelectionModel().addSelectionChangedHandler(new SelectionChangedHandler<Summary>() {
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getSelectionModel() returns this.sm. As you can see I am doing this.sm.setSelectionMode(SelectionMode.SINGLE). Read the code I included here for the class extension. –  Blessed Geek Mar 20 '13 at 2:05

Never mind! Made the mistake of accessing local private variable rather than accessing property get/set methods.

In the extension class, do this:


rather than doing this:

this.sm =selectionModel;

because, the setter has to bind the selection model which is not performed when I access sm variable directly.

Lesson reinforced: Should access setters/getters rather than accessing their associated local variables, when extending classes.

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